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list of green things (WIP)

Famous bracelets made of recycled ocean plastic, and some other products too.

The short answer is that I'm really just making my own list of bookmarks public, in hopes it may be useful to others.

Chocolate produced with an emphasis on reforestation.

An online banking app with high-interest savings and an emphasis on green investments.

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Send in denim jeans to be recycled into cotton insulation.

Household cleaning products in tablet form, packaged in pretty metal containers, or designed to dissolve in water in a provided bottle.

Backpacks made from recycled plastic bottles.

Biodegradable dental floss in cute, refillable glass containers.

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Sustainable products in plastic-free shipping, but also a tendency to run out of stock.

A search engine (really a wrapper for Bing) that puts its ad revenue towards planting trees.

A productivity app that rewards you for putting down your phone for a length of time you specify. If you pay for the pro version, you can fund the planting of real trees.

Hoodies and scarves that serve as N95 facemasks, plus biodegradable one-time-use masks that can be returned for recycling after use.

Sandals in a few styles made from old tires.

Sells Kickstarter-funded reusable replacements for commonly-disposable items.

Sells lots of items to assist a plastic-free lifestyle, heavy on the stainless steel. Notable items include a folding spork and bamboo toothbrushes with boar bristles (which means that even the bristles are compostable; this is rare).

A Terracycle-backed zero-waste-packaging brand that you can find in a few brick-and-mortar stores.

Formerly made upcycled products out of excess textiles. Now focusing on textile collection and distribution rather than making their own products.

An "adoption agency" for used stuffed animals. Based in the UK, but hoping to expand.

Sustainable goods in sparse packaging: mainly their own soaps and soap-adjacent items like deodorants, soap trays and brushes.

Extremely limited-edition baseball caps made from excess fabric.

A service that rewards users for reducing energy usage during hours of high strain on the grid. Pairs well with smart devices and a love of gamification.

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Socks made from recycled fibers.

Outlery's store includes a lot of partnered "outdoor" brands at this point, but this review focuses on their core product: sets of portable reusable cutlery.

Sells a surprising assortment of sustainably-made items with as little packaging material as possible.

Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, hand sanitizer, and related products in metal containers that you can send back for reuse when empty.

Inexpensive food and home goods in tasteful, minimalist--though often plastic--packaging.

Provides a mail-in way to recycle clothes and other household textiles, including those too worn to be re-sold.

Recycling streams for a lot of otherwise-unrecyclable things, though it costs quite a bit in money and/or effort spent sorting.

An online thrift store focusing on gently-used name brand items.

A membership-based source for organic brands.

Bundles of once-used cardboard boxes suitable for moving.

Yet another general-purpose sustainable shop, notable for being the source of the ZWS Essentials brand.