First Page of the Journal

blank paper will not judge you

The winter storm this week has brought snow to Mission Peak (Riisima), where there usually isn't any. I managed to take a hike up there to see it.

In my experience, Americans actually do work reasonably well with some kinds of metric units, but temperature is a notable blind spot.

The Cookbook Death March is a strategy I devised to address a problem I suspect may be common: the bookshelf full of barely-used cookbooks. Despite its grim name, it's actually been a good way to do meal planning during the past couple years.

Up until now my blog has used Joomla. The truth is I've never much liked Joomla, so I'm taking the opportunity now to try out a CMS called Grav (hence the pun) and move everything over to Nearly Free Speech.

I will start this off by saying I am not Jewish; I've never really celebrated Passover. I grew up as a Methodist, so my springtime holiday has always been Easter. But I've always had some fascination with the holiday--after all, Christians also love the story of the Exodus, and the Passover meal itself is the famous Last Supper of the Easter story. And this year, I find myself having a lot of Thoughts about it.

We're all experiencing Passover this year.

Nine years ago, I logged out of World of Warcraft for the last time.