First Page of the Journal

blank paper will not judge you

The Cookbook Death March is a strategy I devised to address a problem I suspect may be common: the bookshelf full of barely-used cookbooks. Despite its grim name, it's actually been a good way to do meal planning during the past couple years.

The lettuce has become very leafy this weekend!

In the midst of trying out different cornbread recipes, I stumbled upon a quite new cast iron cookware company.

I tried Mom's recipe, but it's meant for a 9x9 pan, not a big skillet.

How does one season and care for cast iron cookware?

This is one of those culinary topics for which the scientific "optimal" answer has only recently really been even pursued, but there are dozens of answers that get close and have been handed down through the ages. It's like finding a marginally faster clever sorting algorithm only after a near-optimal, very intuitive method has become the gold standard.

I recently found myself with a particular First World Problem. Pepperplate, the recipe management app I'd been using, no longer properly imports from, which serves as the recipe repository for Cooking Light and some other related magazines. I wrote in and received a possibly-canned reply about it, but after a couple weeks, had to face the fact that the app has had no real updates since 2014 and waiting any longer was probably futile.