First Page of the Journal

blank paper will not judge you

Now that Arc Diem is released for both Pebble and Garmin--that is, now that I've had the experience of making a watchface for both platforms--now is a good time to share my thoughts on the different philosophies behind these watches, and how that affects the experience of developing for them and what features go naturally with different watches.

The backstory: I've been working on a Pebble watchface. It has a single "hour" hand that moves along a semicircular dial from a user-defined start time to an end time.

Thus far, this hand has been a simply-drawn little arrow, and now that it's moving properly, I decided it needed to be a little fancier.

A recent Joomla upgrade broke something and made the blog completely inoperable for a while. I finally got in a position to sit and fix it, which required moving the files to a different server and restoring database tables one at a time.

There's an interesting Star Trek TNG episode called Parallels in which Worf gets shunted into progressively more foreign parallel universes. In one, he finds himself at his post while the ship is under attack, and he is unable to raise the shields in time because in that universe, the control cons...