A recent Joomla upgrade broke something and made the blog completely inoperable for a while. I finally got in a position to sit and fix it, which required moving the files to a different server and restoring database tables one at a time.

It would have been so easy if I could blame the same plugins others said were causing their error messages, but this is a pretty barebones site and I've still no idea what it was. I know that restoring the entire old database breaks the site, but none of the tables I've put back a la carte have done so.

In other news, Namecheap's Softaculous just doesn't acknowledge the existence of Joomla anymore.

In other other news, if this "partial restoration" is stable, I may be able to move back to the old hosting without much issue. If not...might be time to schedule a moving day.

Edit: Back on the old server again! I never bothered to fix where the domain name was pointing before, so this is probably the first anyone will see of this.

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