First Page of the Journal

blank paper will not judge you

The lettuce has become very leafy this weekend!

The lettuce seed packet showed a mixture of both green and red lettuces. Thus far, all my plants have been green, but now they're getting big enough that at least one plant is changing to its adult colors.

The lettuce is growing slowly. As soon as the first tiny "true leaves" started to appear, that was about when the plants were big enough to sway a bit in the breeze when the fan is on. By now they are actually looking like real lettuce plants. I have a couple photos here, taken a week apart.

The seeds have sprouted!

But the Niwa showed me a surprise before that.

I've been sick for a couple days, but the silver lining there is that my vermiculite finally arrived, so now I have a whole day to start growing my lettuce!

I first encountered Niwa at the first Maker Faire I went to, in 2014. I participated in their Kickstarter at about the same time.

At long last, after four years of getting more funding and going back and forth with the manufacturer, my Niwa has finally arrived at my house.

People are excited to see this, so let's take a look!