Tasting the Lettuce!

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The lettuce has become very leafy this weekend!

I decided it was big enough to trim one leaf from each of the largest plants and give them a taste. I'm not usually a person who takes photos of all the things I cook, but I can make an exception since it's really about the lettuce.

Small lettuce plants growing in the Niwa

The small plants are the ones farthest to the left and right. Maybe the light they're getting from above is a little less direct.

I made this Spicy Thai Shrimp Cakes recipe. They're not actually spicy unless you serve them with extra chili sauce. My frying technique needs some work, so the outsides were a little overdone, but they came out well aside from that.

Four leaves of lettuce is not really enough for a salad; it's more of a garnish. This was a Very Scientific Taste Test, so no dressing for the lettuce--just some extra chili sauce for the shrimp cakes and some iced tea.

Shrimp Cakes served with lettuce leaves on a nice place setting

This is the fanciest dinner has been in quite some time.

The lettuce was very delicate. The flavor was good; about like any other small-leaf lettuce I've had, just with the benefit of being super-fresh and not having been handled much.

Each plant grows new leaves from the center. So now I get to see how fast the new leaves come in. I didn't take any from the smallest plants; they seem to be rather stalled.

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