Showing Some Color

journal garden niwa

The lettuce seed packet showed a mixture of both green and red lettuces. Thus far, all my plants have been green, but now they're getting big enough that at least one plant is changing to its adult colors.

Front and center!

Lettuce growing in the Niwa

That plant on the right flops out of the door when I open it for a photo, so I have to be careful to tuck it back in. It's now been about a month since they were planted.

I don't know why the plants on the left are noticeably smaller than the others. Oddly enough, that dripper is one of the more generous ones. It would seem strange to think that plants could be getting too much water when water is all they have, and the drainage should be the same throughout. Maybe the fertilizer gets flushed away?

My mom and dad will be visiting in late June. Hopefully these will be big enough for a taste test around that time.

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