First Page of the Journal

blank paper will not judge you

Up until now my blog has used Joomla. The truth is I've never much liked Joomla, so I'm taking the opportunity now to try out a CMS called Grav (hence the pun) and move everything over to Nearly Free Speech.

There's an interesting Star Trek TNG episode called Parallels in which Worf gets shunted into progressively more foreign parallel universes. In one, he finds himself at his post while the ship is under attack, and he is unable to raise the shields in time because in that universe, the control cons...

My dad recently got his first smartphone, and the other day he asked me for my thoughts on cycling apps. I found myself advising him not only on cycling apps, but also the process of evaluating apps in general, because it's a little tricky compared to more "traditional" software.

It was sort of a domino effect. First I got a bento box for Christmas, then I started hunting for appropriate recipes (and scheming how one could construct a BB-8 droid out of a hard-boiled egg and carrot slices) and that got me thinking about eating more vegetables, and then I decided to see if Google Fit was better at handling cycling than the simple step-counters I've rejected in the past.