It was sort of a domino effect. First I got a bento box for Christmas, then I started hunting for appropriate recipes (and scheming how one could construct a BB-8 droid out of a hard-boiled egg and carrot slices) and that got me thinking about eating more vegetables, and then I decided to see if Google Fit was better at handling cycling than the simple step-counters I've rejected in the past.

One major reason I don't use a basic step-counter is that I do a lot of bike-riding: 13 miles a day is the most frequent amount, as that's my commute. Step-counters don't handle cycling very well, and I don't feel I should penalize myself for not making 10,000 steps (or whatever) in a day when all that cycling surely makes up for some of the deficit.

A once-over of Google Fit's interface shows that it does in fact aggregate walking and cycling information together, and I figure it's probably smart enough to realize that a smartphone on my person is not picking up walking or running motions at any time when Strava says I'm on a bike. So I'll try it for a while and see how it goes. Thus far I only have Strava and Sleep As Android attached to it. I might be able to find a lightweight step-counter for my Pebble, but any major walking distance would be covered by my phone anyway, and I'd rather not run two full "fitness suites" independently; that would be redundant.

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