First Page of the Journal

blank paper will not judge you

I've recently become slightly obsessed with Crypt of the NecroDancer. One of the things I find fascinating about it is it gives me an unusually clear opportunity to observe myself getting better at something--specifically, the process of seeing theoretical knowledge gradually progress into a practiced performance, and then into instinct. Theoretically, this is what should be happening in the martial arts lessons I've been taking for a few years now, but we don't do a whole lot of sparring, so the progress I make is very slow compared to what happens in a few days of NecroDancer.

One of the magazines we always had at home was Consumer Reports. My mom and dad subscribed to it, and generally considered it a good source of advice. Accordingly, I bought an online subscription when I moved into my own apartment and started making large purchases for myself. Since I was a child at home, reading Mom and Dad's magazines, the institution of user-submitted reviews has become commonplace everywhere, even on Consumer Reports' website, where user reviews are posted separately from the site's own ratings derived from their own testing.

The two sources conflict with maddening frequency.

They've been posted.

I was all set to be productive this evening, but a shipment of beads arrived.

In the midst of trying out different cornbread recipes, I stumbled upon a quite new cast iron cookware company.

I really liked the new Ghostbusters movie.