I was all set to be productive this evening, but a shipment of beads arrived.

Beading is a hobby whose materials just pile and pile up. When I have a specific project in mind, that requires specific colors, and then of course I'm left with extra of each, so I keep them, but if I don't need those exact colors for the next project...it goes on and on.

It's been ages since I've done any beadweaving. It always seems like it would be a lot of bother to set up, but once a project is started, working on it is very calming. Mom used to be amazed at how patient I could be with a bead loom; I was surprised that she was surprised because she basically does the same thing with quilt stitching. It seems to me like exactly the same mindset...though beads have more of a danger of spilling.

One fun thing about beads: they're perfect for pixel art.

Maybe I'll have a photo to show you all later!

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