I really liked the new Ghostbusters movie.

It was like the Sonic Generations of Ghostbusters. I can see how it would have gotten backlash for many reasons. Remakes and reboots are inherently difficult, and their balancing act of being fueled by while respecting nostalgia can be very delicate. There aren't many mainstream movies whose core cast consists mostly of women--especially when they don't all conform to usual very-high conventional beauty standards--and some people are not ready to accept that. Not to excuse that sort of thing; just to point out that it's there and serves to amplify backlash from other sources. Some people may think that they object to a film mostly for some less baggage-filled reason, when really it's a combination of that and a sexist or racist reason, and they have a hard time noticing the latter's influence on their opinions.

That last part goes for elections too, by the way.

Anyway, I really liked the movie, and would recommend it highly. But the part of me who plays Chelsea the Defiler in Exalted--the part of me that is her--LOVED it. This would be her favorite movie, hands- and telekinesis- down.

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