Let's be clear about what constitutes a spoiler. (Spoilers under the fold, of course.)

To be clear, here's the problem.

All of the three TFA trailers featured Rey to some extent, and one of them flat-out focused on her.

Rey's existence is not a spoiler.
Rey's prominence in the plot is not a spoiler.
Rey using Force abilities, or piloting the Millennium Falcon, is a spoiler.

She goes for large parts of the movie without carrying a lightsaber, so omitting it doesn't detract from the accuracy of a toy, and including her in a Millennium Falcon set doesn't imply, on its own, that she's ever the pilot--especially when Han Solo and Chewbacca are included. So there's really no excuse for not including Rey in TFA toy lineups.

This goes doubly when the toy in question is Monopoly, which traditionally ships with eight pieces, sometimes more! There ought to be room for everyone!

Considering what a huge step Hasbro recently made in "quality media featuring female characters", and that they really ought to be more aware of the perhaps-unexpectedly-broad fan demographics of popular franchises, the Monopoly scandal is as surprising to me as it is disappointing. But I guess it just wouldn't be Star Wars without some kind of debate about the original release of something versus its "improved, from a certain point of view" counterpart.

Of course, the Rey-less games will be out-of-print collectors' items now. Get yours quick before they disappear forever, and congratulations Hasbro for convincing a few people to buy it twice!

If this whole mess is depressing for you, I hope you enjoy this story about a board game that was apparently more inclusive.

One of our treasured family stories is of when my aunt and uncle, and their two sons, got a Star Wars Trivial Pursuit game for Christmas and played it together. This was many years ago, even before any of the prequels were out. My aunt knew hardly anything about the movies, so she just guessed "Princess Leia" for every question. She claims she was correct about half the time.

Edited to add:

Lego gets several gold stars. I have the "Late Holiday 2015" and "January 2016" catalogs in my house just now, and here's what I found. Their last 2015 catalog only has Star Wars sets pertaining to the Original Trilogy, and not many at that (more are on the website). The January 2016 catalog unleashes six whole pages of TFA sets, including six large "buildable figures"--including Rey and Phasma. Rey gets another set mostly to herself (her speeder), Leia and Maz are in one set each, stock characters like "resistance fighters" come in mixed-gender teams, and...

...this is the really cool part...

Their insanely detailed Millennium Falcon set includes 7 characters. Rey is one of them. In fact, the photo of the set in the catalog shows her in the pilot seat, with Finn as the co-pilot beside her.

Rey also gets pretty high billing on their Star Wars page.

Now, I'm still upset at Lego for considering "Girls" to be a "Product Category". (Oh, so the entire rest of the shop is for boys, then?) But interestingly, that category doesn't just have the pink-drenched sets; a lot of seemingly neutral Duplo is in there, and...the realistic monument sets? Huh. Are those especially popular with girls? Maybe it would be a good idea to put the Rey sets in there. Or, just...nuke the category and let the "Elves" and "Friends" themes speak for themselves.

As far as Star Wars gender inclusiveness goes, though, Lego is doing pretty well. Better than Hasbro.

P. P. S. Were you looking for BB-8 in the Lego sets? Looks like that big Millennium Falcon set is the only one with him in it; even Rey's Speeder comes with the guy who tries to capture BB-8, but not the droid himself. You have to buy the biggest set to get ahold of the character who is actually probably most popular with the kids. Insidious!

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