First Page of the Journal

blank paper will not judge you

One of Trader Joe's "secrets" is that they source some of their products from other brands, who are then sworn to secrecy about their relationship with Trader Joe's. It's been noted that Amy's provides some of their canned soups (right down to the photos on the labels) and their pita chips are actually Stacy's. What I found interesting was that when they advertised their "English Toffee" in the holiday Fearless Flyer, they actually straight-up admitted it was from an artisan chocolatier who usually sold under their own name. But of course they didn't say which one.

Noting the toffee's visual resemblance to See's Toffee-ettes, I ran a taste test.

I've long been a fan of Homestar Runner. One of the ways this series keeps its characters distinctive is by giving them all vastly different shapes of body and face. No two characters look anything like each other when they are talking, with the exception of Homestar and Homsar (and only then because the latter is intentionally derived from the former). They also all have very distinctive voices.

Today I'd like to put an unlikely character in the spotlight--Coach Z.

A co-worker brought Thing Explainer to work the other day, and a different co-worker and I spent some time poring over it. It is essentially an entire book of diagrams like this, using only the 1000 most commonly-used words in English.

We all work in a data center (or, as the book calls it, a "computer building"), so we have the benefit of higher education and of actually being familiar with the technical terms that don't make the top-1000 cut. We observed that the thousand-word constraint lent itself well to some diagrams, but in other cases, it turned the diagram into a sort of page of riddles.

Having read on the Internet that the famous Temple Run finale of LotHT was usually filmed without an audience, I decided to watch the show a little more closely to observe their camera techniques. I compared the look of the show between its first and third seasons.

I forget how old I was--4th or 5th grade, I think--when my sister had Girl Scout meetings on Sunday afternoons. I was considered old enough to be left alone at home during that time, and part of my surprisingly-regular routine was watching the game shows on Nickelodeon, chiefly Global Guts and Legends of the Hidden Temple. In hindsight I look back on the latter with more fondness; the Indiana Jones aesthetics are pretty cool.

First, a bit of reminiscing. It's often noted that an elementary school student body president has almost no influence over anything, and the election process serves mostly as a learning exercise in basic democracy.