One of Trader Joe's "secrets" is that they source some of their products from other brands, who are then sworn to secrecy about their relationship with Trader Joe's. It's been noted that Amy's provides some of their canned soups (right down to the photos on the labels) and their pita chips are actually Stacy's. What I found interesting was that when they advertised their "English Toffee" in the holiday Fearless Flyer, they actually straight-up admitted it was from an artisan chocolatier who usually sold under their own name. But of course they didn't say which one.

Noting the toffee's visual resemblance to See's Toffee-ettes, I ran a taste test.

Verdict? I don't think they're the same. The taste and texture are a little different, and See's milk chocolate has a distinctive taste; I've been eating it at family gatherings my whole life. The almond chunks in the middle are larger in See's. See's does taste better. But it's not "twice the cost per ounce" better. So unless you have a coupon or serious, tradition-defining brand loyalty (as I admit to having), Trader Joe's will do very well.

That leaves me with the question: if TJ's toffee isn't See's, whose is it?

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