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blank paper will not judge you

Dan at Extra Credits has been playing Sonic Generations for animation footage. In his third video, he asked commenters to describe what they liked about modern Sonic games. He himself is one of the many who finds them lacking.

In a meta sense, being a Sonic fan is rather like being a Star Wa...

Speedrunning Sonic games seems to uncover a great reversal: Sonic 06 is infamously terrible, but apparently makes a great game for speedrunning, because all its glitches are consistent and useful. Meanwhile, Sonic Colors is a very good game overall, but a speedrun doesn't look all that different...

I watched this video the other day, showing that even among Pokémon Go's "target demographic" there's a wide range of opinion about the game.

As a tool to get people out of their houses and socializing, Pokémon Go seems to be working very well. Most of the places it's causing problems are where...

Summer Games Done Quick showed off a wide variety of speedruns.

There's been a fair amount written about what makes Stardew Valley so insanely addictive, but there's one reason that stands out above all others for me.

The words of the Internet were true: I have no space in my bookshelf whatsoever for Exalted: Third Edition. But everywhere I look on my shelf I see things that belong beside it.