Once, many years ago, I was on a long airplane flight. It might have even been the trip to China; I have no idea.

Anyway, one of the audio channels on the flight was a New Age playlist that looped. There was one song on that list that I could just swear was by Andreas Vollenweider. I might have only heard one of his albums at the time (White Winds) but his harp + upbeat rhythm combination is very distinctive. But there wasn't a list of the songs on board, so I had to just wonder.

Just a couple weeks ago I found a couple of Vollenweider's albums at Half-Price Books, and discovered I was right. Within the first few bars of the song I knew it was the same song I'd heard on the plane.

It's "Night Fire Dance", on his Down to the Moon album - recorded in 1986, which makes it the same age as me.

So there's one loose end tied up!

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