Stardew Valley is a game that supports a huge range of playstyles, so the disconnect between a casual first-time player and anyone who tries to optimize any aspect of the game is a pretty huge one.

I can say pretty definitively that I'm tired of the Hilltop Farm, though.

The problem with the Hilltop Farm is that the main "perk" of the map is essentially an extra quarry. The quarry itself is lackluster for anyone who uses any kind of serious strategy in the dungeons, because nodes spawn so slowly there. It's nice for getting one's first few iridium ores...and that's about it.

I really like the terrain layout of the hilltop farm, but without being able to make much use of the extra quarry, I don't think it's really worth it.

I'm trying a new game with the Forest layout; I think it may mesh well with my preferred farm design. But it may happen that the original turns out to be the best after all.

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