Think of politics as a card game--not one played with a standard 52-card deck, but one of those collectible card games where you decide what goes in the deck.

There are two parts of politics: electing people, and then the part where they and we get real work done between elections. There are two parts of a collectible card game: the part where you build your deck, and the part where you play the game.

Getting all the right cards into the deck will not guarantee that every game is a win, and very good players can sometimes do well even with bad decks. But it will make it a lot easier, and if a game is being played for high stakes, having the best deck we can manage is absolutely critical. Also, just voting in one very good card won't make the deck great on its own; it needs other cards that synergize well with it.

There's lots of game that needs to happen after the election, but get those good cards into the deck.

Go Vote.

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