The Toolbox


A friend is moving today, and I'll be helping her.

I asked what kinds of tools I could bring that would be helpful. She'll be getting some Ikea furniture, so items like a hammer and screwdrivers will be useful. A good tape measure will be useful.

Turns out not everyone just has these things. Mine were assembled over many years, mostly gifts from family, some acquired for the purpose of doing some charity building event.

I don't need these things every day. Usually they take up space in the closet. But on the days when I do need them, I'm very grateful to have them. Every time I need my Dremel tool, it's for something different, and I have to buy a new bit. But it's a good thing I have it!

There are some classes of item for which I might have slight hoarding issues. But mostly, I just like having a toolbox.

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