First Page of the Journal

blank paper will not judge you

There's been a fair amount written about what makes Stardew Valley so insanely addictive, but there's one reason that stands out above all others for me.

I tried Mom's recipe, but it's meant for a 9x9 pan, not a big skillet.

How does one season and care for cast iron cookware?

This is one of those culinary topics for which the scientific "optimal" answer has only recently really been even pursued, but there are dozens of answers that get close and have been handed down through the ages. It's like finding a marginally faster clever sorting algorithm only after a near-optimal, very intuitive method has become the gold standard.

The problem is that guns are sacred.

The words of the Internet were true: I have no space in my bookshelf whatsoever for Exalted: Third Edition. But everywhere I look on my shelf I see things that belong beside it.

The other day I had the opportunity to take a bike ride from Fremont to Mountain View and back. It was the first time I'd taken that particular trip, and was the farthest I'd ever gone riding within one 24-hour period, though the "there" and "back again" sections were separated by several hours.

On the way back I went around the southern tip of the Bay, through Sunnyvale. I grew up in Sunnyvale, but the experience of being there again was very strange.