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blank paper will not judge you

Holding elected office is like sitting in the exit row of the airplane.

Every year, the President of the United States ceremoniously "pardons" a turkey, which then lives out the rest of its (usually short) life on a farm rather than being slaughtered for that year's Thanksgiving dinner. President Obama has noted the ridiculousness of the custom, and it's been noted on multiple occasions that one can hardly "pardon" a bird that has not committed any crime that needs pardoning.

Stardew Valley is a game that supports a huge range of playstyles, so the disconnect between a casual first-time player and anyone who tries to optimize any aspect of the game is a pretty huge one.

I can say pretty definitively that I'm tired of the Hilltop Farm, though.

Think of politics as a card game--not one played with a standard 52-card deck, but one of those collectible card games where you decide what goes in the deck.

The backstory: I've been working on a Pebble watchface. It has a single "hour" hand that moves along a semicircular dial from a user-defined start time to an end time.

Thus far, this hand has been a simply-drawn little arrow, and now that it's moving properly, I decided it needed to be a little fancier.

A recent Joomla upgrade broke something and made the blog completely inoperable for a while. I finally got in a position to sit and fix it, which required moving the files to a different server and restoring database tables one at a time.